Digital shaft copying:



The here shown shaft copying system SILENT MOVE was developed as a circumferential or as a guided belt system. One of the main benefits is the use of a special nubbed and tooth belt. In combination with the special wheels they work extremely smoothly and quietly in the shaft, inclu­ding at high speed.


As miniaturization continues to progress, we offer now the Silent Move Compact. This compact system can be combined with many incremental and absolute encoders, too.


This monitoring system is certified by TÜV Germany.


Technical datas:

• Compact design

• Optimized noise reduction

• Resistant to typical contamination in the shaft

• Maintenance free, e.g. no talcum powder necessary for the belt

• Improved lift motion profile and gentle stop

• Longest operating life

• Speeds up to 4 m/s and heights up to 120 m


You can find more information in the Übersicht as well as in the overview of extend of delivery to SILENT MOVE, SILENT MOVE LIGHT and SILENT MOVE KOMPAKT