The company


Bundled competence for over 90 years

Hans Jungblut started to develop and produce safety components for lifts in Cologne as far back as 1926. The products manufactured under the name of the company's founder were subject to very high quality standards right from the start.


Today, Jungblut is a successful family-owned company with a clear strategic orientation, short decision-making paths and an exemplary corporate culture marked by mutual respect and strong team spirit among all employees – from the trainees to the director.


In doing so, we have specialized in the development and production of safety components for lifts – and overspeed governors in particular.


As part of our growth strategy, we are focussing on further expanding our international operations on the basis of the superior quality of products 'made in Germany'. This goal is a sure guarantee of our customers' success, for which we leave no stone unturned.


Quality at all levels

Our success is based on our committed and dedicated staff. It is through them that quality is being defined as synonymous with effectiveness at all relational levels.


We rely on process-oriented work and flexible, dynamic organisational structures. In doing so, ongoing training programmes and defined quality rules are just as natural at all levels as are commitment and mutual respect.


Perfection is what we strive for

In order to make sure that we only ever supply the best, we are constantly investing in ever more effective quality assurance measures. All of our operations are certified to the latest DIN/ISO quality standards and warrant reliable and verifiable quality of the highest level.


Our product range comprises state-of-the-art safety components for lifts. The systematic pursuit of our targets has enabled us to achieve a leading market position in the area of overspeed governors. We have an extremely large product range – with many individual solutions – that we are constantly adapting to meet our customers' needs better still. 


A small time travel:

  • 1926

    The company „Hans Jungblut, Köln“ was founded by Hans Jungblut
  • 1929

    Development of the first overspeed governor
  • 1949

    Death of Hans Jungblut. His wife Vera assumes the management of the company
  • 1975

    Transfer of the company to Alfred Mombaur
  • 1979

    Change of the company name to „Hans Jungblut GmbH“
  • 1988

    Death of Alfred Mombaur, heirs: Brigitte Mombaur-Rücker and Armin Mombaur, today 100% shareholders
  • 1996

    Introduction of ISO certification base on DIN EN ISO 9002 (nowadays DIN EN ISO 9001:2015)
  • 2000

    Transfer of the company management to Mr. Dirk Grunau
  • 2001

    First time the company takes place at the Interlift Trade fair
  • 2004

    Change of the company to „Hans Jungblut GmbH & Co. KG“
  • 2009

    Collaboration with SLC Sautter as partner for safets gears
    Introdution of the new overspeed governor series HJ 200
  • 2010

    Introdution of the new overspeed governor series HJ 250 und HJ 300
  • 2011

    Introduction of a system to fulfill the requirements of the EN 81-1/2 2010 A3
  • 2012

    Introduction of several new accessories like pendulum weights, brackets for the guide rails etc.
  • 2013

    Introdution of the new overspeed governor series GB 160
  • 2016

    Adaption of all overspeed governors to 2014/33/EU und EN 81-20/50
  • 2017

    Re-Certrification of the company acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • 2018

    Introduction of new overspeed governors with creeping protection acc. to ATEX (explosion protection)
  • 2019

    Introduction of a system for shaft copying