Safety device ENA3





The ENA3 is an electronic monitoring system that is integrated into the lift control system's safety circuit. It has two magnetic switches that are fitted to the top/bottom of the lift cage and move with it, and two magnetic tape strips respectively on every floor with which the door zones are identified and monitored. If the lift cage moves unintentionally, the drop-prevention device (A3-actuator) is activated and the lift is stopped.


The electronic monitoring system de-energises the magnetic coil of the drop-prevention device. This causes the rocker to block the OG if the lift continues to move and breaks the safety circuit. Once activated, the device keeps the safety circuit open and indicates the error type through a flashing LED and an beeping sound.



Scope of delivery:

  • Overspeed governor with drop-prevention device (actuator for entire system)
  • ENA3 electronic monitoring system
  • Two magnetic switches with mounting material
  • Magnetic tape strips (two strips per floor / stop)
  • Rail mounting kit for magnetic tape (one strip per floor / stop (optional if magnetic tape cannot / is not going to be fitted to the guide rail))
  • 5m cable set including ready-wired connector for DP connection kit (optional)
  • Emergency power supply unit NSE (required if the OG is difficult to access; otherwise, optional), which furthermore comprises:12VDC, 1.2Ah battery (optional)
  • Matching industrial / plastic housing with a transparent cover, reset button and signal lamp (IP 65)
  • Mains adapter for 100VAC to 240VAC (optional)
  • ENA3 ready wired to NSE