The GB 160, HJ 200, HJ 250 und HJ 300 overspeed governors shown here are all TÜV Süd type-approved safety components according to EN 81-50 and EN 81-1 / 2 based on the Lift Directive 2014/33 / EU.


The overview Übersicht Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzer shows the range of application of the products.


In addition, you will find accessories for overspeed governors, a solution to a safety sysstem according to DIN EN 81-A3, as well as tensioning weights for overspeed governors.


In addition to the standards presented here, we also offer a large number of customer-specific special solutions such as special tensioning weights, adapter plates to accept mounting dimensions, plug-and-play wired solutions, speed limiters to ATEX, etc.


Feel free to contact us. Our collegues are happy to solve your problems!


Please note: Standard versions have a production time of 2 weeks. However, we also offer an express production for a production within a maximum of 2 working days!